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Enjoy Big Savings with Used Car Leasing at Kunes Ford in East Moline, Illinois

New cars can be pricey and can lose up to 25% of their value in the first year due to depreciation. At Kunes Auto Group, we've got the solution with our affordable used vehicle leasing options.


Why Choose Used Car Leasing?

Leasing a used car, truck, or SUV brings multiple benefits. With used vehicle leasing, you save on upfront costs and enjoy lower monthly payments, letting you drive a high-quality pre-owned vehicle for less.


Choose Kunes Ford of East Moline for competitive prices on our selection of used vehicles available for lease. Take advantage of these benefits and explore our used vehicle inventory today!


Our used vehicle leases are structured similarly to new car leases, letting you enjoy a superior car while saving money. Customers can save up to 50% off their monthly payments when leasing a used vehicle compared to a new one.


If you're eyeing a pre-owned luxury or exotic vehicle, you could save even more with a used vehicle lease.


With a used vehicle lease, you'll pay less in sales taxes due to the lower cost of used vehicles. Plus, insurance costs are usually lower for used cars.


Most of our used vehicle leases include Gap coverage at no extra cost, protecting you if the leased vehicle is totaled or stolen.


Used vehicles available for lease are typically less than four years old and have under 75,000 miles.


When setting up a used vehicle lease, our Finance Manager establishes the vehicle's residual or guaranteed future value. If you decide to keep the vehicle at the end of the term, the purchase price is already determined. Many customers opt for a lease buyout at the end of their term.


At the end of your used vehicle lease, you can either return it with no trade-in hassles or purchase it at the pre-determined "guaranteed future value" if you've grown fond of it.


For peace of mind, most used vehicles at Kunes Ford of East Moline come with a lifetime powertrain warranty (No Fear Warranty).



Can you lease a used car?
Yes, you can! Used car leasing is less advertised and not all dealerships offer it, but it's a great alternative if new car leasing is beyond your budget. Used car leasing offers benefits like lower monthly payments while ensuring you drive a high-quality vehicle.


Why lease a used car?
Buying a new vehicle can be costly and depreciate quickly, even within the first year. With used car leasing, someone else has absorbed the initial depreciation, which makes your payments less.


What kind of used cars can I lease?
At Kunes Ford of East Moline, we only offer the highest quality used cars, trucks, and SUVs for lease. Used vehicles available for lease will be under four years old with fewer than 75,000 miles, so you know you're getting the best for less.

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